Curry Night

Classic Indian Food

All prepared, cooked and served by our buddy Azeem.

A selection of traditional Indian cuisine including Onion Bhajis, Samosas, Dhal and Curry. Served with Basmati Rice and a Chapati.

Thai Buffet

Thai Fishcakes with dipping sauce, Pork Laab, Thai Red Curry (with Chicken or Prawns) and Jasmine Rice.


Large toasted tortilla wrap filled with melted cheddar cheese and a spicy beef chili. Served with minted garlic yoghurt, cucumber and carrot pickle and a Mexican tomato and red onion salsa. Also available with a vegetarian spicy bean filling.

Classic Spanish Paella

Needs no explanation. Traditionally a dish of rice, shellfish and chicken, our classic paella can be customised to cater for your taste.

...or for a new experience, why not try our own "Thaiella". An eastern twist on the Spanish classic.

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